1.Important Attention


Please be informed that there will be a major cleaning-up

scheduled at Chieko’s Art Studio at the end of March.

Those who have left their paintings and/or canvases at Chieko’s

Studio inactive for more than one year, please come forward and

claim them by March 31, 2009.  Please note any unclaimed objects

will be considered abandoned and are subject to disposal.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation



1. Fees:  $25 per lesson include Lunch. From January 2007.

    (This is a flat fee for everyone; Adult or Child)  Only lunch $10

2. For those who would like to get several trial lessons with Chieko,

   you may use materials provided at the studio. 
   (oil paints, brushes, etc.)

3. If you decide to continue on taking lessons afterwards,

    then please equip yourself with your own supply.

Basic procedures using supplies at the studio are as follows:

** How to keep brushes clean and fresh


1. Each time before moving on to the next colour mix, wipe out the

    paint on the brush with cloth.


2. Then place it in thinner liquid and stir around to remove any

    remaining paint.  Wipe it again with cloth.  Now you can continue

    the next stroke on canvas.

3. At the end of the class before you go home, all used brushes must  

    be washed with soap and water (use the bathroom sink).  Brushes

    must be gently turned around in the palm of your hand so that soap
    will penetrate.  Rinse well and dry them with cloth or paper towel.      

    Then put them back with fibres upward.   


** How to use oil paint 

Do not squeeze out a big amount of paint at once.  Squeeze just a

small amount of paint each time on to the palette.  You can always

add some more later when you need.  But remember, you can never

put the left-over paint back into the tube ! 

** If you would like to come in outside
your scheduled date,

it is recommended to call Chieko in advance  (preferably by 10:00 am)

so that Chieko and Masaki can prepare lunch enough for everyone !!


Phone      (604) 945-5945   Chieko Yanagitani                                    

Address   2967 Cliffrose Crescent Coquitlam B.C. V3E 2T2

URL          http://www.cyanagitani.com